Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector Perfect for Minor Issues But Not Major Ones

Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector Perfect for Minor Issues But Not Major Ones

Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector Perfect ($13) is a new cruelty-free peach-toned corrector available in four shades infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, Coconut Oil, and Gardenia Flower Extract. I actually use under eye corrector in a unconventional way because I don’t have major dark circles to conceal. I love concealers with peachy undertones but typically, they are a little difficult to find! It seems like the undertone is reserved for correctors. So, I use correctors as a concealer versus a corrector! They work great for quickie coverage plus I don’t love layering corrector plus concealer under my eyes as I find it’s a bit too much! I already use a very pigmented concealer (Tarte Shape Tape Concealer) and applying a corrector under that just feels way overkill especially when I don’t require that much corrector after using such a pigmented concealer. I use Tarte Shape Tape Corrector as a concealer which is not the intention of the product but it works great for me as a light concealer that brightens! I’m doing the same with the Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector!

Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector Perfect comes housed in a chubby swivel-up design that resembles L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer and Covergirl Tru Blend Fixstick Concealer from back in the day! It holds 0.11 oz of corrector, is priced at $13 per shade, and swivels up and down so no sharpener is required. This packaging style is such a great travel buddy as you can just swivel it up, swipe it on, blend a little, and go. No mess,

I got the shade light which sort of has a pink undertone versus a peachy one. It reminds me of the Catrice Under Eye Brightener shade! I know maybe people love pink-toned concealers like Maybelline Age Rewind in 160 Brightener for brightening and they do sort of work for me but the medium might have been a better pick for me (although, it looked a bit too dark).

This is a very light, creamy consistency and blends very easily. One thing I’d recommend before application is to not apply a ton of eye cream before use. I tend to prep well under my eyes before concealer for the smoothest coverage possible but this is such a thin consistency that it sort of breaks up and separates if I use too much eye cream! I use a little less eye cream than I normally would when using this as it does have a nice slip under the eyes all its own and doesn’t settle into my finer lines or accentuate dryness. It’s quite thin and with very minimal effort. It’s not pigmented but it will correct minor darkness and it does brighten up the eye area considerably. It’ll also wear well under concealer since it’s so very thin. I just choose to wear it alone as a brightening concealer of sorts but it is a corrector and works best when used with concealer since it lacks the pigment to conceal major issues.

I’ve seen better correctors in my time and this isn’t going to do a lot for major dark circles. But if you want a quickie way to look bright and fresh this can do that. I use it on days I’m just running errands or going for a minimal look! I do think it’s not ideal for anyone who needs super correcting abilities though!

Overall, Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector is a nice way to perk up your eyes. It’ll work great under concealer due to how thin it is and it does brighten but if you have severe dark circles you might not need to spend $13 on this as it won’t correct such major problems!

Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector is available now!

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Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector is a new corrector available in 4 shades that’s 0.11 oz and $13. This is a travel-friendly chubby pencil with a swivel-up design that does not require a sharpener. It’s light, and creamy, and provides sheerer coverage that brightens and corrects minor issues. I had no issues with the formula creasing and it blended beautifully. It wears for about five hours on me before I can see signs of it fading. It’s not an ideal pick for anyone with super bad dark circles but if you want a little brightening this does the trick nicely and it’s thin enough to be worn easily under concealer or on its own if you like!


Thin yet creamy will work easily under thicker concealers.


Not pigmented enough to correct major dark circles.


Flower Beauty Bright Eyed Under Eye Corrector is a nice little pick if you want a little brightening!

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