Flipbelt: The Best Running Belt

Flipbelt: The Best Running BeltFlipbelt: The Best Running Belt

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m talking about Flipbelt: The Best Running Belt with you! As you know, since 2018 I’ve dedicated myself to healthy living through exercise and eating better. I’ve cut out most processed foods in favor of making my own. And though most people seem to disbelieve it, most of getting healthy for me was 90% fixing what I eat and my relationship to food, while 10% was adding more movement in my day.

Prior to my prophylactic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, I walked at minimum of five miles a day outdoors. Now that I’m in physical therapy and recovering from my surgery, I walk less, but am striving to get back to where I was before. I’m grateful to Flipbelt for sending me their neon pink belt to try out and share with you!

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Where to Buy
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About the FlipBelt

Cordelia demonstrates pulling out her large Tokidoki unicorno key fob from her flipbeltCordelia demonstrates pulling out her large Tokidoki unicorno key fob from her flipbelt

The FlipBelt is a very comfortable waist belt that you shimmy on your body to rest above your hips. It can easily hold my iPhone 12 Pro Max phone, my keys, a wallet and more. I typically wear size 4-6 in women’s pants these days, but I sized up from a Small to a Medium in the FlipBelt because I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for me. The Medium fits me perfectly.

The Classic FlipBelt comes in around 13 different colors, including Black and Reflective Black! I chose the bright Hot Pink because I wanted it to stand out against my black and purple workout gear.

How does the FlipBelt work?

Cordelia is wearing a hot pink FlipbeltCordelia is wearing a hot pink Flipbelt

The FlipBelt is an elegantly designed stretchy belt with multiple pockets to allow you to put your phone, keys, and other essential items inside it. You flip the belt inward to secure your items after you’ve placed them inside the FlipBelt.

Is the FlipBelt comfortable to wear?

Yes, the FlipBelt is very comfortable to wear! It stays in place on me when I’m walking or running. It doesn’t bounce all over the place on me.

Can you wash the FlipBelt?

The FlipBelt is machine washable. I wash it in cold water in the washing machine and then hang it up to air dry. Anything I buy that is delicate, like this or a bra, I either handwash or I wash on delicate in my washing machine, then I hang them up to air dry. This helps many items to last longer!

Can the FlipBelt hold large smartphones?

Cordelia demonstrates pulling her iPhone 12 Pro Max out of the flipbeltCordelia demonstrates pulling her iPhone 12 Pro Max out of the flipbelt

Yes! The FlipBelt can hold large smartphones such as my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I just upgraded my phone to an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and this can hold both of these large smartphones with no issue. Yes, even both at one time! This belt is like a Tardis: it’s bigger on the inside!

Final Thoughts

Hot Pink FlipBelt worn by CordeliaHot Pink FlipBelt worn by Cordelia

What I’m Wearing

*denotes PR

I love the lightweight, comfortable, easy to use Hot Pink FlipBelt! If you’re looking for a lightweight option to help you carry your essentials with you while you’re working out, it’s a great choice! I’ve tried several options in the past for my smart phone, including upper arm cuffs, and have never found those as comfortable as the FlipBelt.

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