Fine’ry Pistachio Please, Without A Trace, The New Rouge On the Way for Spring 2024

A Reddit user has posted the three new Fine’ry Perfumes that will be available for Spring 2024. Fine’ry Pistachio Please, Without A Trace, and The New Rouge are on the way for Spring 2024 and I’m pretty hyped to try them out. As you may know Fine’ry creates some interesting dupes for higher-end fragrances but they are pretty unique all their own. For example, Fine’ry Not Another Cherry Eau de Parfum was being pushed heavily by fragrance influencers as a Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe and Fine’ry Sweet On the Outside Perfume was being promoted as an Eilish dupe which I personally didn’t get at all! There are quite a few other scents as well that people swear smell like mid to higher-end fragrances. I personally feel like Fine’ry creates a different twist on these fragrances that’s all their own.

The newest scents aren’t yet available at my Target but there are a slew of IGers, youTubers, and Reddit peeps that are seeing these at their local stores already! The one I’m most eager to try is Pistachio Please since that’s the note du jour lately courtesy Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato 33. Considering how disappointed I was with Kayali’s scent I’m hoping for something special from Fine’ry. Here’s the details for all the new Fine’ry scents including Pistachio Please.

Fine’ry Pistachio Please: Pistachio Milk, Fluffy Vanilla, Tonka Bean
Fine’ry Without a Trace: Neroli Blossom, Cedarwood, and Suede Musk
Fine’ry The New Rouge: Golden Saffron, Amber Resin, and Sandalwood

These three will be available in the EDP and Fragrance Mist formulas. Apparently, the launch date is 02/18 but as I said above most people are seeing them in stores now. Check your local Target or head to on the 18th!

Will you be grabbing these? Sounds like the New Rouge is going to be a Baccarat Rouge dupe but we do have plenty of those around so, hopefully the Fine’ry one is an interesting take on it!

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