Essence Lash Princess Mascara Primer Is Out Here Doing the Work of the Mascara Priming Gods

Essence Lash Princess Mascara Primer Extra Length & Volume ($4.99) is a new, affordable lengthening and volumizing mascara primer that launched with the Essence Spring 2024 line up. Now, Essence does have a Volume Booster Lash Primer and from my understanding the two are different formulas. Sadly, I can’t compare them as I don’t think I ever tried out Volume Booster Lash Primer. It is still very much available though if you’re a fan of that formula and this new Essence Lash Princess Mascara Primer Extra Length & Volume seems like a nice add on to the very popular Lash Princess Mascara Collection (P.S. There’s a new brown shade of Lash Princess that will totally give you Bambi Eyes!). Trying this out reminded me how much I used to adore Lash Princess Mascara and I ended up purchasing some along with the new brown version!

Essence Lash Princess Mascara Primer Extra Length & Volume is well worth the purchase. It comes housed in the small princess-y corset barrel as the original Lash Princess Mascaras but in a white barrel with mint accents to set it apart and make it easy to tell apart from your mascara. The mascara is actually a light green shade like the barrel but it sets clear.

Did I mention it’s five bucks? Can’t beat how affordable and budget-friendly it is not to mention it does what it says and gives create length. The volume I wasn’t seeing completely but I imagine it will vary depending what mascara you use it with. I used it with Maybelline The Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara and got incredible length with it. You can see it on my lashes below (apologies I don’t have concealer on and my eyes are looking a bit sunken in since I travelled over the weekend and I’m feeling knackered because of it!).

The formula is a hydrating cream that you brush gently through lashes before topping with your favorite mascara. It didn’t make my lashes stuff nor did it cause any breakage and my mascara applied easily on top of it without caking up or looking gooey. I was able to successfully sweep it through my lashes easily and pop my mascara right on top without a hiccup. It also didn’t make my mascara flake off. It gave me beautifully long lashes with one layer! I like that it isn’t a fiber mascara but created with soft elastomer which prevents it from flaking off and getting into my eye. It left my lashes soft and not crunchy.

All in all, a beautiful mascara primer that was not only affordable but really did a great job adding super length to my lashes. Essence Lash Princess Mascara Primer is available and worth picking up!


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