EOS Cashmere Skin Shave Oil Is Now Available and I’m Excited

Ok, I’m excited! EOS just dropped the new Cashmere Skin Collection Shave Oil for Spring 2024 and I’m so ready to get my hands on it! The new EOS Cashmere Skin Shave Oil is an extension of the popular Cashmere Body Care Collection that features the super popular EOS Vanilla Cashmere Shea Better 24HR Moisture Body Lotion, Post-Shave Smooth Body Cream, Pre-Shave Scrub, and Post-Shave Smooth Body Cream! This is a shaving oil much like Tree Hut Shave Oil but has that addictive vanilla cashmere fragrance we all want know and love! You know, the warm cozy cupcake scent!

It’s formulated with shea butter, cocoa butter argan butter, jojoba and coconut oils to give you a close, smooth shave and super smooth skin after use. EOS Cashmere Skin Shave Oil is available in a 6 oz bottle for $8.99 which is a smidge smaller than Tree Hut’s 7.7 oz bottle at $12.99. As much as I love me some Tree Hut the smell of Vanilla Cashmere is incredible. You can also grab this in the Cashmere Skin Collection Bundle that’s $32 and includes three full-size Cashmere favorites along with the new shaving oil! I was not messing around this morning and immediately grabbed the bundle (I already have most of the items in it but I’m running low on a few so why not?).

Snag your EOS Cashmere Skin Shave Oil now on the EOS website.

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