EOS Bedazzled Birthday Cake Lip Balm Back In Stock

Who spends $10 on an EOS Lip Sphere? Oh I know! I do! EOS Bedazzled Birthday Cake Lip Balm is a new, limited edition vanilla cake, buttercream icing, and rainbow sprinkle flavored lip balm dressed up in gorgeous sparkly packaging to celebrate EOS’s Birthday party! Is it giving BeDazzler vibes? Sure is and I’m here for it! This one is back for a limited time! It sold out but if you missed it you can grab one up now!

It’s been years since I purchased an EOS Lip balm! I remember collecting them like pokemon! They were just so fun plus as a self proclaimed lip balm addict it was mission to own them all! Remember the Alice in Wonderland Collection? Memories!

You can pre-order the EOS Bedazzled Birthday Cake Lip Balm now for $9.99 on the brand’s website. It’s available for a limited time only.

Enjoy and Happy Birthday EOS!

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