Eigshow 3D Precision Concealer Bush Review

Sephora Beauty For All Event is here and you can snag 20% off your total with code YAYGIFTING and 30% off the Sephora Collection. Do you know what that means? I’ll be telling you about the two Sephora Concealer Brushes you need to haul yet again. I’m a broken record I know but the Sephora PRO Concealer Brush #57 and Sephora PRO Concealer Brush #71 are such a super deal during the sale I can’t help but tell you about them yet AGAIN.

BUT…..you don’t have to listen to me talk about either today! Instead I wanna turn you on to a $8.99 concealer brush that will blow your mind! This went out of stock when I originally posted it back in October! Like immediately it was gone in a flash but I’m SO excited it’s back in stock! It’s an incredible little brush that’s well worth picking up! I love it so much I ordered a second one when I noticed it came back in stock!

During Prime Day last week I was recommended the Eigshow 3D Precision Concealer Brush (F658) which is a angled concealer brush with a triangle head. It may strike a chord with you considering Kylie Cosmetics just launched something along the same lines with her latest concealer collection.

This is a smallish concealer brush with triangle head. It has a nice sturdy handle and soft yet dense synthetic bristles. It cost me a whopping $8.99 and I got free shipping thanks to Prime. When I purchased it I really didn’t think it would be that big a deal if it didn’t work out. I didn’t spend $30+ bucks on it. Worst case scenario it would end up in the makeup graveyard.

I should mention when I started playing with this brush it brought me back to a very good time in my Bobbi Brown era. That was when Bobbi Brown had released her latest Makeup Manual and I had sat down and read it from end to end. I’ve always found Bobbi’s techniques so easy to follow. In this book and on a video tutorial she did many, many years ago I recall her mentioning to get a more lifted, brighter eye look it was always important to to concealer the inner area of the eye. She used to use a very small, precise concealer brush to blend concealer right into the inner eye corner right near the lacrimal glands. She’d bring the concealer up the bridge of the nose and eye area and blend with her finger. I never forgot that and till this day I use the same technique as her when concealing. It really does do wonders to brighten up your entire eye area.

I’m mentioning this technique because this brush fits perfecting into that contoured eye area and allows for precise, easy application and blending of concealer. It’s like a magic eraser! It instantly blends out concealer right in that inner corner and gives a fresher, brighter, more lifted look. It also allows you to gently press concealer under your eyes for a flawless, filtered effect. I find it particularly useful if I’m using a more pigmented concealer as I find I use less of the concealer since it does so well blending and pressing it in that I don’t feel the need to smear tons of it under my eyes.

This was an absolute steal of a product and works so incredibly well! I’m really pleased with the brush and highly recommend giving the Eigshow 3D Precision Concealer Brush a try for yourself. You can’t really beat the price and the results with this little gem!

Eigshow 3D Precision Concealer Brush is available now at Amazon.

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