E.L.F. Jelly Pop Primer Returns for January 3rd 2024

E.L.F. Cosmetics Jelly Pop Primer will return January 3rd, 2024 at elfcosmetics.com at 12PM EST. The last time the primer launched was August 16th and sold out in minutes!

Honestly, they should make it permanent at this point because I love it and everyone I know does too! Don’t get me wrong Power Grip is a great formula and I adore Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Primer 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Primer but if I had to choose Jelly Pop Primer is the one! It kind of reminds me of the beloved but long gone J One Jelly Pack.

The last time Jelly Pop Primer returned was in 2021 but they brought it back for a brief moment this past summer and fans are still begging for it to return. Like I said, it should be a standard part of E.L.F.’s catalog as it’s a beloved favorite but when Power Grip came out I guess they felt that it needed to the star of the show. In 2021, we did also get E.L.F. Mint Melt Cooling Face Primer which was great but my heart still yearned for the Jelly Pop formula!

I’m happy to report I got a batch in the Summer and the formula DID not change at all! It’s still as amazing as it was back when it originally released.

If you haven’t tried it and you enjoy sticky facial primers you’ll adore this. It’s tacky, sticky, yet moisturizing at the same time. It does have a strong scent sadly, but I try to ignore that because I really enjoy the formula. This isn’t a good pick for you if you don’t like stickier primers. I found that it grips foundation tight! It’s a great pick for smoother application. Granted, that stickiness does settle into the skin so you aren’t walking around with tacky, dewy skin all day! But I do realize not everyone likes that texture!

There was a full Jelly Pop Collection that includes a lipgloss, cleanser, blushes, and other items but I’m unsure if E.L.F. plans on re-releasing those items or perhaps doing some new items for this launch! But don’t get too hopeful, it’s probably just the return of Jelly Pop Primer and hey, as long as I get that primer back I’ll be happy.

You can get yours now at elfcosmetics.com!

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