College Cafeteria Advice From a Dietitian-Mom

College Cafeteria Advice From a Dietitian-Mom

Inside: Is your kid struggling with overwhelm, boredom, or burn-out in the college cafeteria? Here are real solutions from a campus dietitian, a mom, and been-there-done-that college students.

The salad bar is your friend! (Photo Courtesy of Ohio State Student Life)

The transition to college brings a lot of adjustments–like a surprise case of homesickness, a killer chem class, or a roommate who brought along their pet snake.

Getting the hang of the college cafeteria can be challenging too.

For a kid used to familiar meals, around-the-clock kitchen access, and magically re-filled snack stashes, the first taste of leaving home can be….well, a bit sour.

As a mom to a college kid–and someone who remembers her own dining hall misadventures (hello, fro-yo for dinner!)–I know this well. So I rounded up some of the biggest obstacles new college students have with eating in the college cafeteria, plus practical solutions from a former campus dietitian, a college mom (me!), and current college students.

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