Charlotte Tilbury Will Be Available at Ulta In February 2024

Charlotte Tilbury will be sold at and Ulta stores as soon as February 2024. Crazy? Not really considering luxury brands like Natasha Denona and Pat Mcgrath recently made this same move recently. Ulta is becoming your one stop for beauty and giving Sephora some serious competition. Over the course of the last 6 years or so Ulta has added a slew of different brands to their beauty portfolio like NARS, Chanel, Tom Ford, and many more! This was unexpected as no one expected Chanel to be sold along side brands like E.L.F. Cosmetics but here we are in 2023 and beauty brands are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic not to mention the social media world has changed dramatically which has resulted in a huge drop in “free marketing” for brands. Times are changing, people are changing, and brands have to think of new and creative of ways to capture our eye. Luxury brands also have to begin opening their doors to new demographics. For a long time the luxury beauty world was an exclusive club of sorts. Luxury beauty did not want to be associated with anything budget nor were there sales on it.

Times have changed. Sale is the word of the day and brands are not nearly as picky as they once were about who can access their lines. In moving to Ulta, I’m sure Charlotte Tilbury is ready to capture a new demographic. Not to mention she’ll be a bit more affordable (not by much) as Ulta has quite a few sales throughout the year with 20% Coupons not to mention she’ll likely have one or two items featured in Ulta’s annual sales like 21 Days of Beauty.

Ulta has become a go to for so many makeup lovers and the fact that more and more brands we know and love are making the move to Ulta makes it much easier to do a full shop there. The only thing that drives us away from Sephora at this point are the awful rewards program. We stick with Ulta because we love the cashback rewards that Sephora fails to give us. And now we have one more reason to love Ulta has it continues to add more and more brands!

Are you excited that Charlotte Tilbury will now be available at Ulta?

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