Beloved Strawberries & Lemonade Collection for Spring 2024

Spring is coming and Beloved has a new collection on the way to celebrate. The new Beloved Strawberries & Lemonade Collection is a new, limited-edition launch featuring body care and home fragrance in a tart, sweet strawberry lemonade vanilla scent! Yup, vanilla! This could be very interesting! So far the collection is available in hand wash and hand cream, a candle, body wash, and body mist! I was disappointed there wasn’t a scrub or body butter but perhaps that’s on the way? I recently fell in loved with the Beloved Body Scrub formula after hauling the very delicious Fall 2023 Collection in the Coffee Bean and Oat Milk Latte scent! They make a damn good scrub that’s very moisturizing!

I wouldn’t have chosen Strawberry Lemonade for a Spring fragrance as it sounds more Summer but hey, I’m here for anything sweet and fruity. You know your girl loves her sweet and fruity fragrances. Anyone remember when Philosophy Pink Lemonade came out a few hundred years ago? How I miss Philosophy Seasonal releases!

Beloved has a few new scents making their way to Target for Spring but the Strawberries & Lemonade Collection definitely caught my eye! Beloved Strawberries & Lemonade Collection is available now on Target’s website. Anyone sniff it yet?

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