Bath & Body Works Tropidelic Perfume and Fragrance Collection for Spring 2024

Bath and Body Tropidelic Perfume and Fragrance Collection is upcoming for Spring 2024. It’s another floral unfortunately! I wish they’d do some gourmands in their perfume collection. But I guess this is what sells for them. I’m unsure if this will be a limited-edition run or if they’ll make it part of the standard collection! We’ll have to wait and see.

Bath & Body Works Tropidelic will feature notes of passion flower, ylang, ylang, and misty rainforest. The rainforest note makes it sound like it’ll be a fresh, aquatic floral! I’m not sure I’ll need it but Bath & Body Works has been known to surprise me with some of their florals. We don’t have an exact launch date for the Bath & Body Works Tropidelic Collection but it should be coming soon for Spring 2024 and they’ll likely make it a little bit of a focal point for early Summer 2024 Collection as well! I imagine it’ll be after the Valentine’s Day 2024 Collection but I could be wrong. And P.S. Isn’t Valentine’s Day a bit disappointing this year? I really expected some sort of sweet collection! We did get the Sweetheart Cherry Fragrance launch but I’d love to see more and it seems like if they were going to do something it would have been out and available already!

Are you excited about Bath & Body Works Tropidelic?

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