Bath & Body Works Sweetheart Cherry On the Way for Valentine’s Day 2024

Get excited because cherry notes are back at Bath and Body Works! A brand new fragrance is circulating on social media which is Bath & Body Works Sweetheart Cherry and it sounds like it’s going to be a winner. And no, it isn’t a repackaged version or dupe of Cherry Merlot. This is a new fragrance with brand new notes. Wahoo!

What does Bath & Body Works Sweetheart Cherry smell like? This new Valentine’s Day 2024 scent has notes of Wild Cherry, Crushed Pistachio, and Whipped Vanilla. Yup, another buzz worthy note at the moment is pistachio thanks to Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato 33. I’m noticing more and more brands popping pistachio in their newest fragrance launches!

When is the launch date for Bath & Body Works Sweetheart Cherry? Sadly, no one knows. A few social media accounts got their hands on bottles of the lotion and fine fragrance mist at their local stores but I haven’t personally seen this out in the wild. I sometimes wonder if these accounts have an in with the employees of at their store or if they maybe work for a Bath & Body Works store are the same few accounts always have really early release news way before items hit stores for the average consumer.

But the most important thing is Bath & Body Works Sweetheart Cherry is on the way and it’ll likely be a floor set for Valentine’s Day 2024. Wonder what else we can expect from the Bath and Body Works Valentine’s Day 2024 Collection!

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