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Amy Schumer Weight Loss: The year 2023 has been about all your favorite celebs losing weight. Bs it Oprah Winfrey or Kelly Clarkson, everybody seems to be on the treadmill nowadays. Amy Schumer is no exception. Her recent appearances on the red carpet are all about her effective weight loss. And the weight loss is amazing. 

Amy Schumer has been open about her body image issues for quite a long time now. She is a body-positive person and her recent weight loss too is a step in honoring herself. Recently, Amy has even opened up about her experience with using ozempic as a weight loss drug and revealed that its side effects are too difficult to live with.

So, in this post, we will dig deep into Amy Schumer weight loss journey and her workout and diet plan behind this journey.

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

Amy Schumer Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 56 Kgs
Age 41 Years
Waist 28 Inches
Shoulders 32 Inches

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Amy Schumer Weight Loss Workout Routine

According to her longtime trainer, Amy Schumer is naturally athletic. So, she enjoys her workout sessions and loves her time around the gym. But her recent weight loss is not just a result of the workout routine. It’s also a result of some surgical procedures that Amy Schumer went through. 

She lost weight for Trainwreck, and her transformation for the role has been quite impressive. Recently she has also called out people from the showbiz, who hide their weight loss secrets, and she also revealed about the surgeries she went through.

Amy Schumer Weight Loss Workout RoutineAmy Schumer Weight Loss Workout Routine

Amy Schumer Weight Loss Workout Routine

Amy Schumer Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:

Fat Loss Surgeries

For the project Trainwreck, Amy Schumer went through a liposuction surgery that drastically reduced her weight. You can easily see the impressive difference it made in the appearance of the comedian. 

Recently, she has also opened up about using ozempic, which has been quite a rave in the weight loss industry. About this drug, Amy Schumer said that it has horrible side effects and she is not a fan of these trendy weight loss drugs that cause only harm in the long run. 

We at Healthyogi, strictly recommend staying away from such drugs, which ultimately lead you to bad health and even reduce the quality of your life. So, try to be adequately informed before going for any cosmetic procedures, or injecting any new drug in your body.


Weight Training

As mentioned, Amy Schumer likes intense weight training and she seems to love her time in the gym. And her trainer revealed that she isn’t someone who needs to put in intense efforts to push herself. So her relationship with weight training is quite healthy and she enjoys working out with weights. Firstly, she starts with a Helix machine that is essentially for the cardio workout. Then she follows a seven-step step circuit training routine that works on every body part.

This includes compound exercises like Skater Lunge, Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift, Dumbbell Curl Press, Single Arm Dumbbell Row, Lying Dumbbell Triceps extension, Hip Thrust, and Spider Plank. She tries to focus on progressive overload wherever possible to reap the most benefits. Weight Training is the core of effective long-term weight loss. It builds muscles which in turn burn loads of calories even when at rest, which keeps your long-term weight in check.



Walking is an exercise that was consistently included in Amy Schumer weight loss routine. This low-impact exercise is for days when you don’t seem to be going to the gym. 

Walking is quite well known for its health benefits. It’s a great exercise for people in their 30s to reduce bone damage. It’s also an excellent exercise for burning calories. Brisk walking puts your heart rate up which makes it a good cardio exercise too. So, Walking for 30 minutes daily not only burns calories aiding weight loss but also has other long-term health benefits.



Swimming seems to be another exercise that Amy Schumer loves. Most of her recent posts feature her in a swimsuit. And, swimming has some role to play in her weight loss routine.

Swimming is known to burn loads of calories, which naturally reduces your weight. But it also builds lean muscles and improves heart and brain function, which in itself burns loads of calories throughout the day. 

Swimming is a low-intensity activity, so it keeps your weight in check, without exhausting you off. So, swimming is a great exercise if you also want to lose weight like Amy Schumer.

That’s all for Amy Schumer Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Amy Schumer Weight Loss Diet Plan

Amy Schumer and her cooking show with her chef husband have been a blast. And we also saw her learning to cook. Amy has been open about her love for food, going to the extent of introducing her Netflix special while eating donuts. The comedian is all about enjoying herself. 

In an interview Amy shared, that she loves Pasta with Parmesan, an Almost Latte, Hamburgers, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Icecreams and Donuts. She also likes Pesto Pasta. Rombauer is her favorite wine. 

Amy Schumer Weight Loss Diet PlanAmy Schumer Weight Loss Diet Plan

Amy Schumer Weight Loss Diet Plan

Is Amy Schumer Vegan?

No, Amy Schumer is not vegan.


Amy Schumer Weight Loss Diet Plan includes:

Balanced Meals 

When it comes to eating for the weight loss journey, Amy said a big no to hamburgers and Rombauer. She tried to stick to a protein-heavy diet with lots of vegetables and enough carbohydrates to go through the day. It included lots of grilled chicken, fish, eggs, pasta, Milk, Chickpeas, and lentils.

She also tried to consume enough fruits and nuts throughout the day.

This was followed by adequate sleep and enough water to get the best benefits.

That’s all for Amy Schumer Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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