AI Influencers Are Stealing Business from Real Life Influencers But Are They As Annoying?

Serious question, are any of the new upcoming AI Influencers as annoying as the human ones? Sorry, I didn’t mean to go all mean girl in the New Year but we all have an influencer or two that gets under our skins right? Well, perhaps the new generation of AI Influencers will be a more interesting breed.

I’m sure a lot of people have already heard of Aitana Lopez. “She” was in the news over the Summer and has a following of 249k people on Instagram. Why is “she” the new talked about influencer? Because she’s not technically real. She’s an AI generated influencer. She does all those bedroom, closet, bathroom, beach, and plane selfies we know and love but the difference between is she isn’t technically real.

According to news outlets brands have paid about $1,000 a post for her to promote their products on social media. A robot is making $1000 a post on Instagram! Not too shabby! But Aitana isn’t alone as there are hundreds of new digital influencers that have launched across social media recently.

Do digital content creators need to worry? Absolutely. Our Terminator nightmares are becoming more and more a reality as AI takes over more and more industries putting humans (and influencers) out of jobs.

According to one report AI doesn’t drive the same traffic as a human would but it does so nonetheless making it appealing for brands to work with these “AI influencers”. Brands are loving that it costs a lot less to deal with AI influencers as well yet still get great results from their target audience.

“It is not influencing purchase like a human influencer would, but it is driving awareness, favorability and recall for the brand,” said Becky Owen, global chief marketing and innovation officer at Billion Dollar Boy, and former head of Meta’s creator innovations team.

The possibilities of AI are endless in the virtual domain and it’s something that will be more and more common place in the future. Would you be game to allow an AI to influence you?

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