Ageing Gracefully – Rosanna Davison Nutrition

Ageing Gracefully – Rosanna Davison Nutrition

Most people would agree that accepting your natural age and conforming to its baseline necessities can be a healthy thing to do. For example, it’s not uncommon to see ageing celebrities undergo complete cosmetic surgery procedures, which may completely alter how they look, and not always for the better. That said if this makes the person happy and hasn’t been undertaken for obsessive or unhealthy reasons, then it’s really none of our business to cast judgment.


Moreover, these narratives can often lead to faulty impressions. First, we might think that as we get older, two choices are possible – age naturally, with all of the slow changes that can offer, or alter everything, and become a pastiche of yourself. But this binary is both unfair and untrue. You don’t have to leave everything to Mother Nature to age gracefully, and altering your appearance or opting for treatments that help you retain your youth doesn’t make you inauthentic. In fact, there are many reasons why getting the best of both worlds can be a healthy way forward if you’re so inclined.


Let’s discuss what that might look like:


Dental Care & Treatments


Appropriate dental care is important as we get older, from light work all the way up to full dentures. Of course, having a healthy set of teeth, real, falls, or supplemented, is not only a great way to look younger and healthier, but to actually impact your health for the better. That’s why having porcelain veneers can help unlock or restore your confidence as you age, as the natural changes in dental care can shift.


Focusing On Nutrition


If you’re making diet changes as you get older, it’s not a sign that you can’t cope with ageing, or that you’re trying to lose weight too much, or that you’re denying yourself indulgences (which are important to enjoy for a healthy inner life). As we get older though, alcohol, refined sugars, simple carbs, all of these can affect us more than we’d like, and may even show up on our skin. That’s why it’s good to eat as well as you can as you get older and remember, it’s healthy to have a little extra weight as you get older. If you’re in your 50s or 60s and don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, that’s actually a good thing!


Proactive Aging Strategies


Again, hoping to delay some of the effects of ageing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re frightened or at odds with the idea of getting older. For example, if you practice flexibility exercises each week, that doesn’t mean you’re afraid of having lessened mobility, it just means you want to be stronger for longer. As such, great skin-nourishing creams to help reduce wrinkles, staying out of the sun for longer periods, committing to exercises like yoga, and wearing fitting clothes can all help you look great but are absolutely interventionist approaches.


With this advice, we hope you can feel zero guilt about being your best self, no matter the age you are.

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