A Beginner’s Guide to Diet Food | diet, diet food and more

A Beginner’s Guide to Diet Food | diet, diet food and more

A Beginner’s Guide to Diet Food

Whether you want to kick start your weight loss journey or you simply want to get back on track, you’ll need the right diet food on hand. You’ll want to choose food that’s not only nutritious and meets your diet requirements, but actually taste good, too! Lucky for you, at Nashua Nutrition, we have both.  

We have a wide selection of high protein, low carb foodbut all those choices can be overwhelming to a beginnerWe compiled a list to help you get started! We recommend having a few products from each category below. That way you’ll always have a healthy option on hand to get you through the day. 


Stay on track with your weight loss goals – morning, noon, and night! Whether you’re following the Keto or IPA diet or you’re gluten free, stock up on the most popular meals below. 

  • HealthSmart Oatmeal 
    Oatmeal is a hearty meal that most enjoy for breakfast but could also be enjoyed for other meals depending on your mood. Many people like the Maple Brown Sugar and the Apples and Cinnamon 
  • HealthSmart Pancake 
    Not everyone is a fan of oatmeal, so a hearty, protein packed pancake is a good alternative. Golden Delicious and Chocolate Chip are some of our customer’s favorites! 
  • Proti-Thin High Protein Fusilli 
    Who ever said you can’t enjoy pasta while on a diet? What we love most about this dish is it’s versatile. You can enjoy it during the hot summer months as a cold pasta salad or as warm comfort food in the colder months. Make it your own by adding your own vegetables like cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs and seasoning.  
  • HealthSmart Vegetable Chili 
    Not only is this chili dish high protein and fiber and low in carbs, but it’s also vegetarian and IPA unrestricted. Enjoy the flavors of tomato, bell peppers, onion, and garlic for a flavor packed, but healthy meal! 


Don’t let your cravings get the best of you and throw off all your hard work! Instead, keep a variety of sweet and salty snack options handy. Here are some to start with.  

  • HealthSmart Protein Bar Caramel Crunch 
    It you follow our blog, you’ve probably heard this one mentioned… a lot. And for good reason! Our customers can’t stop raving about it. Many even say it tastes just like a candy barIt makes a good afternoon pick me up or post dinner dessert.  
  • Proti-Thin Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Protein Bar 
    While the rest of the family fills up on s’mores this summer, this vanilla bar with marshmallow-y goodness is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Plus with 15 grams of quality protein but just 3 grams of sugar, you can’t go wrong.  
  • HealthSmart Protein Chips 
    Skip the grocery store bag of chips and grab a high protein, low calorie option instead! Customers can’t seem to get enough of the barbecuepizzaranch, and even salt and vinegar flavors.  
  • Quest Tortilla Protein Chips 
    Quest Nutrition makes some satisfying and yummy tortilla chips. Many customers like the ranch flavor while others prefer nacho cheese. These are sold as a single bag so we recommend buying a few to try first (maybe one of each flavor). Then, save 10% by signing up for the subscribe and save program and get whatever quantity you want, delivered straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is select the “subscribe & save” option on the product page when adding it to your cart. Then choose the quantity and how often you’d like to receive them (30, 60, or 90 days).  
  • Weight Loss Systems Protein Pretzels 
    This comes in an individual single-serve 29 gram pouch packed with 12 grams of protein. Purchase a bunch so you never run out! Enroll in subscribe and save and never worry again! 


While water (and lots of it!) is a necessity when dieting (and for your overall health), other flavored drinks can help satisfy your thirst. From shakes and smoothies to refreshing cold and hot drinks, these are some favorites to have on hand. 

  • HealthSmart Lemon Razzy Fruit Drink 
    This refreshing lemon raspberry drink is perfect for the summer. With 15 grams of protein and just 70 calories, this is surprisingly satisfying.  

Want to make your own protein packed drink? We also have a large variety of protein powders so you can customize your pre or post workout drink. 

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Still not sure where to begin? We can help! Contact us at support@nashuanutrition.com or 1-800-649-1374! 

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