50+ School Lunch Box Ideas For Teens (Easy + Healthy!)

Inside: Got a hungry teenager? Get healthy school lunch box ideas for teens, including hot, cold, and vegetarian options.

An overhead shot of four lunch box ideas for teens on a gray wood table.

When your kids were little, you might’ve cut a PBJ into fun shapes or (no judgements here!) slid a Lunchable into an insulated bag and called it a day.

Packing a teen’s lunch is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Teens have bigger appetites–and bigger nutritional needs. Middle and high schoolers are also busy kids who need lunches (and snacks) they can eat quickly during short lunch periods or between the school day and activities. 

Need inspiration for healthy school lunch ideas for your teens? I’ve got you covered, including some simple recipes your kid will love.

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Tip: Wish your kid packed his own lunch? It’s never too late to start! Check out my Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Kids to Pack Their Own Lunches, which includes free printables and strategies like assembling these grab-and-pack lunch packing stations.

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