5 Ways How Regular Tyre Care Can Help Avoid Road Trouble

There are plenty of things that motorists can do to keep their tyres in good condition. Unfortunately, many drivers from Farnborough to Farnham and from Beaconsfield to Beaulieu think that they don’t need to maintain their tyres as it’s something that will be sorted out for them when their car’s annual service is carried out. This simply isn’t so. Whether you spend your time driving up and down the M3 between London and Southampton or using the smaller roads of Buckinghamshire, such as the A413 or the B4033, avoiding trouble on the road should mean taking care of your tyres more frequently. What should you be doing as regular tyre care?

1. Inflate Your Tyres Properly

To begin with, many motorists in counties like Hampshire and Buckinghamshire don’t realise that correct inflation makes a big difference in road handling. Of course, a visibly flat tyre should be pumped up but even a few PSI beneath the recommended level will make it harder to steer around obstacles properly since flattened tyres slew somewhat when cornering. Equally, if your tyres are over-inflated, then you can face problems with braking since the tyre will bow out and not allow enough of the tread to maintain contact with the tarmac. Under and over-inflated tyres don’t clear enough standing water, either. This can make them dangerous in wet conditions.

2. Check The Tread Depth

Even if your tyres are correctly inflated and you check their pressure every thousand miles or so, the tread depth may be diminishing to dangerous levels. Therefore, you should always err on the side of caution and check your tyres’ tread every month to six weeks. Use a 20 pence coin. Simply insert it into the tread and if you cannot see the rim when looking at it from a right angle, then there is sufficient depth. If the rim sticks out, however, then you need new tyres. Remember that tyres with low tread won’t just lead to trouble stopping in the event of an emergency but could land you in trouble with the law, as well. It is better to get your tyres replaced on time – to ensure your safety. There are many trusted local garages where you can get your new tyres from. One reputable local garage is Broadway Autocentres when you are looking to buy tyres in Farnham. 

3. Inspect The Sidewalls

Essential tyre care involves looking closely at the sides of your tyres to avoid potential blowouts. Gouge-like marks are a sign that the rubber your tyres are manufactured from is starting to come apart. If so, they could blow at any moment, even when the car is stationary, which would be dangerous for anyone nearby. The same can be said when bulges appear in tyre sidewalls. Have any that show the signs of bulging replaced immediately.

4. Have The Wheel Tracking Adjusted

A job for professionals, wheel tracking isn’t merely about making your ride more comfortable, whether you spend your time on the M40 or the M27. Having your wheels set up parallel to one another accurately will mean you no longer experience pull to one side or the other, making your driving safer. It will also help to preserve the life of your tyres since they’ll wear down less quickly.

5. Rotate Your Tyres

Another good tip for regular tyre care is to move front-wheel tyres to the rear and vice-versa. Do this midway through their lifespan so that all four tyres reach the end of their working lives at the same time. Most front-wheel driven cars have tyres that wear down quickest at the front. This tip will allow you to buy a complete set at the optimum time whether you live in Winchester, Winslow or anywhere else for that matter.

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