5 More Cute Red Things to Treat Yourself to for Valentine’s Day

5 More Cute Red Things to Treat Yourself to for Valentine’s Day

Just in case you were looking for even more ways to treat yourself on February 14! If you wanna say “I love me” with cute red accessories, how about starting with…

1. Red Hunter Rain Boots

It’s been raining like crazy here where I live in Nor Cal. Puddle stomping seems like it would be that much more fun in these cute red rain boots.

If matte isn’t your thing, they’re also available in a glossy finish, too.

2. Bernardo Hooded Water Resistant Puffer Jacket in Red Sangria

I have this coat in black and wear it all the time. It’s warm, covers most of my body and water resistant. I love that the pockets have zippers, so I never, ever have to worry about my phone or keys falling out!

The red version is very, very cute, don’t you think? I would wear it with jeans or black yoga pants.

3. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Nylon Tote Bag in Tomato

Gotta love a pop of color. If you wear a lot of neutrals like I do, a red tote like this is a fun way to bring some color into your outfit.

It looks pretty roomy too, and you know I’ll take every opportunity to haul ALL. THE. THINGS with me wherever I go.

4. Aloha Collection Reversible Tote Bag

Speaking of all the things, one of my dance mom friends was at an event recently, and she had an Aloha tote bag that looked like the ultimate mom bag.

It was roomy, lightweight and had a zipper. I made a mental note to buy myself one someday because it was both stylish and useful.

They have lots of designs and sizes, and I really like this version with the red flowers!

5. Charlotte Stone Isla Boot in Vamp

Aren’t these so cute?

I bet they’d pair perfectly with wide ankle jeans, like these from Madewell.

Happy early Valentine’s Day to you, sweet friend. I really do hope you treat yourself to something. Sending you so much love!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Have a terrific Tuesday. 🙂

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