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Sometimes overlooked, walking is an amazing and simple way to see results in your weight loss journey. In a culture of waist trainers, CrossFit, and crazy HITT workouts, it can sometimes seem daunting to know what is actually best for your health. That’s the great thing about walking, it can be done virtually anywhere and requires no equipment, just you! So here are some ways that getting those steps in each day can benefit your health:

  1. Movement Helps with Mental Health

Moving your body daily has been proven to help you feel better physically, but also mentally. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular walks (especially ones in the great outdoors) can improve your mood, cognition, memory, and sleep. It can also reduce stress and tension. During the warmer summer months, outside walks can give you a vitamin D boost, which will also improve your mood (and even a healthy, sun-kissed glow)! In the winter, brisk outdoor walks are also beneficial, but if the weather gets too harsh, , use a treadmill indoors or walk around an indoor shopping center.

  1. Increased Socialization

Working up the motivation to walk can be hard, especially if you feel uneasy walking alone outdoors or intimidated at the gym. Consider inviting a friend to join you, ask a family member, or take a furry friend along with you. If you’re more extroverted, consider joining a walking group to meet others who can keep you accountable and help you stay motivated. You can use this time to improve your physical health and emotional well-being by socializing with others! Also, with COVID and the flu season upon us, meeting friends outdoors is a great way to stay connected while staying safe!

  1. Physical Results

We know the mental benefits of walking, now let’s focus on the physical! Walking for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, has been proven to burn body fat and help you maintain a healthy weight. If this seems too much of a commitment to start (we get it, life can get busy), set a goal of 10 minutes or even 5 and steadily add a minute every other day. It’s important to make achievable goals so you don’t get discouraged. Also be mindful as you walk that as you are moving you are not just burning fat, but also improving your cardiovascular health which in turn, helps prevent or manage high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and strengthens your immune system.

  1. Improved Stamina and Confidence

The more you walk and get into a routine, your body will build stamina and strength. As it begins to adapt you may find you have increased energy and the ability to do more than just walk. If you are not ready to walk into the gym just yet, there are some simple exercises you can do at home to build more confidence. Once you feel ready, consider asking a friend to go to the gym with you or join a group fitness class to feel more comfortable. Every step moves you closer to the life you’ve always wanted and deserve.

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