11 New Shades of Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush for Spring 2024

11 brand new shades of Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush have launched for Spring 2024 (with a new vegan formula) and can we just discuss the fact I’ve been pleading for some sort of new blush formula from Tarte for ages now. I have a confession. I used to be obsessed with these but my obsession really tapered off a bit. I still like them but I really do prefer blushes that have a bit of a glow to them or some shimmer. Most of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes claim to be satin but they’re more a drier matte! Plus the shades are always so bold and loud and I can’t get on board with shades like this lately. I guess my taste in blush has just evolved a fair bit and the obsession simply isn’t there anymore.

I did always wish that Tarte would reintroduce these with more shimmer or glow. They have that one beautiful shimmer shade called Glisten (this is of course, outside the Holiday Amazonian Clay Blush launches as some of the sets did include shimmery ones) that I absolutely loved the finish on that shade and had always hoped Tarte would introduce more shades like it. Sadly, it never happened.

If you’re looking for some old favs like Glisten they are gone currently. Ulta has three shades in stock of the old Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush at the moment and Sephora has new 11 shade line up. And Tarte has 14 shades total available 11 of which are new shades. You’re not only getting new shades but the blush has been reformulated and is now Vegan. Unfortunately, I’m not a really big fan of the shades. Some of the shades are a touch too bold for me like Confident with is a dark brown and Honeysuckle which is a stunning black cherry but I know I’ll never really use. I will say these shades are pretty awesome for darker skin tones but you may feel a little left out if you’re super fair or have a lot of redness in your face as these shades seem very, very bold. On that note some shades like peach and soft peach look very soft and pastel-like. Those might be great for super light skin!


  • Blushing Bride (rose)
  • Exposed (buffed mauve)
  • Big Ego (bright pink)
  • Seduce (buff)
  • Confident (brown)
  • Enchanted (cinnamon)
  • Paaarty (rosy buff)
  • Drama (red orange)
  • Fearless (raspberry)
  • Captivating (peach)
  • White Peach (soft peach)
  • Honeysuckle (black cherry)
  • Natural Beauty (pink berry)
  • Flush (rose berry)

The new formulation and shades of Tarte Amazonian Blush are available now.

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