10 Years at Sephora Just Isn’t Happening In New York (To My Knowledge)

10 Years at Sephora Just Isn’t Happening In New York (To My Knowledge)

The latest viral beauty sensation on Tiktok is how ten year old girls are not only snatching up Drunk Elephant like it’s going out of style but also, they are apparently destroying beauty stores like Sephora. Is this happening in your Sephora store? My Sephora stores are obviously broke because I haven’t experienced this phenomenon. I’ve seen teenage girls in my store that are about 16ish which is normal in my opinion but I can’t say I’ve seen 10 year girls running around buying retinol. At the moment we have a whole host of Tiktokers going viral for sharing stories about working at Sephora and being treated very rudely by ten year old girls, having them destroy displays in the store by opening new product and trying it, and also, they are apparently buying all sorts of acids and retinols they don’t really need.

Have you experienced this?

I think it’s clickbait. It’s funny to listen to these wild stories about how ten year girls are invading Sephora and destroying displays. But I think a bit of it might be exaggerated for views. I’m not saying ten year olds aren’t buying makeup but I dunno about parents actually letting their kid try retinol at that age. According to sales reps at Sephora who are creating these viral Tiktoks kids walk into their stores and start demanding Drunk Elephant everything, stocking their cart with tons of it, and ringing up bills for $500 that their mother pays for. And if an item is out of stock they start getting incredibly rude (or even before that when asking where to find something). Yeah, doesn’t sound like a real life thing but ya never know. Apparently certain Ulta’s have been experiencing the same and the fact that displays are being destroy because these kids are opening brand new product they are now putting everything behind plexiglass. Again, I think it might be clickbait and the store shown having plexiglass displays might be one that got hit during one of those weird spree break ins where a few people walk in with ski masks, grab everything they can, and run for the door without being stopped because employees are told not to interact if such an event happens.

The insanity doesn’t stop there because now people are holding brands accountable for ten year olds purchasing retinol and have demanded they create disclosures explaining why it’s unsafe to use these items on such young skin! Paula’s Choice already created a video giving a heads up about what would be fine for a ten year old to use and what wouldn’t be a good idea to use.

I haven’t really experienced any of this stuff first hand in stores around here! The closest I’ve come to a really young girl experimenting with product in a major way was watching Chriselle Lim’s boyfriend’s daughter applying stuff like Tower Beauty Concealer and other makeup and skincare on her face during a few of Christelle’s get ready with me type Tiktoks (I don’t think she’s ten though! She seems more 11 or 12ish). I do think the demographic for makeup and skincare has gotten younger and younger over the years. I would blame social media and what sort of platforms younger girls (and boys) are exposed to. They could be consuming lots of beauty content and that would influence them to get into beauty at a much younger age than say I would as I wasn’t heavily on the Internet at ten years old (the internet wasn’t even a thing for me at that point in my life). I think this where parents play an important role as they should be monitoring what sort of content their kids are consuming. Kids are just evolving and growing up at a much quicker pace than many of us did. I was still at my Barbie era when I was ten but girls are now apparently applying retinol and acids at ten.

Have 10 year olds invaded your Sephora stores? Or do you have young kids that are getting into beauty already? Do share!

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