10 New Beauty Trends That Are Skyrocketing in 2021

Let’s be honest – there are some things best left in 2020.

Like, a lot actually!

2020 stink stank stunk in so many ways but I have to give it credit, every month was different.

Sure, we were stuck inside for the majority of it, but there was a lot changing in the world and in our houses!

The same is true of creative energy and self-care.

Some months, it seemed like everyone was creating something, whether it was a new shirt, kitschy eye makeup look, a new loaf of banana bread, you name it.

Other months, nothing seemed to hit the spot just right so we kind of stayed in place.

This past year introduced us to a lot of new ideas and changed the way we approach beauty, self-care, and self-expression in a world where our main audience was online.

Who knows what will happen in 2021.

This past year taught us that anything is possible.

Despite it all, we saw some skincare and beauty trends that outlived random spurts of energy or social media trends, and we predict that some will reappear or take a new shape in 2021.

Whether you’re the trendsetter and want to be ahead of the curve, you’re a curious skincare enthusiast, or you prefer to stay out of the mainstream, here are our top 10 up and coming beauty trends in 2021.

Bring it on!

1. Au Natural (or so you thought):

Despite all the crazy experimental makeup looks that appeared in 2020, we predict that the au natural look will prevail.

Getting all done up with nowhere to go gets tiring quickly; a lot of people are getting used to going makeup-less and embracing their bare skin, imperfections and all.

Pinterest’s latest report states that more and more people are looking for “glowing skin” and “natural everyday makeup”.

Aesthetically, this will look like dewy skin, visibly sun-kissed freckles, natural lashes, and natural brows (rather than overly done ultra-filled “bushy” brows).

Basically, it’s embracing what you’ve got!

That’s a trend we can all get behind.

Rather than going heavy on the contour, we predict that beauty gurus will be looking to make subtle enhancements to their features now more than ever.

Rather than stodgy foundation, think cream-based concealers and balms.

Skin tints are on the rise alongside tinted moisturizers and BB creams.

Whether we like it or not, gone are the days of waking up an hour before work to apply a full face of makeup.

That is if natural makeup is your cup of tea!

If not, keep rocking it what you’ve got!

2. Skinimalism:

This trend fits in right alongside #1 – we are seeing many people trying to simplify their skincare routines.

As you know, skincare is another form of self-care./span>

It can be ritualistic and gentle and elaborate.

However, people are saving that as a rare treat now and instead are looking to simplify their skincare routines.

o more 12 step routines, we’re looking for tried-and-true grab-and-go products that help get your skin prepped for your no-makeup makeup look.

It’s skinimalism starting from step one!

3. Maskne No More:

One pandemic-exclusive beauty trend, or beauty enemy rather, is maskne.

Front line workers know this all too well, but it’s something that even eternally clear-skinned people are noticing too.

Maskne traps makeup and bacteria right where you don’t want it.

That’s why if the pandemic lasts into the New Year, or if face masks are still worn regardless, we anticipate seeing products targeted directly at maskne.

Soothing facial sprays and face masks with aloe vera (skincare masks not face coverings) are expected to grow to give your skin a break and make going out exciting again!

4. Mask-Proof Makeup:

Keeping in line with the bullet point above, we also expect masks to change the way we do our makeup.

Trapping your makeup into your mask can cause maskne, staining, and smudging. Basically, nothing good.

I don’t know about you, but I really miss my cream lipsticks!

Until mask wearing is no more, we expect to see mask proof makeup on the rise.

This includes liquid matte lipsticks, lip liners, blush, and concealer that won’t budge from a little moisture.

5. Hygiene is Here to Stay:

The pandemic is also bringing out some interesting conversations surrounding hygiene in our everyday lives, including our beauty routines.

Personally, I know I’m hand sanitizing and paying much closer attention to where my hands travel and all the surfaces they touch before I touch my face/hair.

As a serial hair twirler, I’ve been hand sanitizing like crazy and getting tired of the same old scents and drying formulas – and I know I’m not alone.

Hygienic products, like hand sanitizer, and getting a luxurious revamp.

Expect to see more boutique hand sanitizing scents and formulas popping up from major brands and local soap makers and handcrafters as well.

Also expect to see corresponding hand creams to show your hands some love and hydration!

Glossier is a step ahead of the curve, as they provided never-before-seen hand creams to front line workers and their tired dry hands for free!

Another interesting development, one that I’m surprised has taken so long, is antibacterial hair care products like shampoos and sprays.

We probably touch our hair more often than our faces, but we often don’t stop to consider that we could be exchanging bacteria between the two.

We have antimicrobial makeup brushes, so why not try to make our own hair antimicrobial too?

6. Microbiome Balancing Act:

This seems to fly in the face of the above point just a bit, but we’re seeing more and more people trying to “feed” and balance the bacteria on our faces!

Just like in our guts and on every surface of our bodies, our faces are covered in billions of bacteria and microorganisms that make up our microbiome.

When the “bad” bacteria outweigh the good, it results in maskne, acne, etc.

When the “good” bacteria outweigh the bad, it helps us to maintain our skin’s pH and strengthen the skin barrier.

More and more products are including prebiotics (fiber that feeds probiotics) and probiotics (live bacteria) to help maintain and balance your skin’s natural microbiome.

Who would’ve guessed?

7. Blue Light Protection:

It’s no secret that blue light is a major drag on our skin.

It can make skin look drab, cause cell shrinkage and death, pigmentation, and even acne.

The effects are similar to UVA/UVB rays but now that we spend ~12 hours looking at a screen of some sort, it may be even more dangerous to our skin!

Now that our worlds have gone virtual, our skin is at an even higher risk of blue light exposure.

Just as SPF has become a staple in most people’s skincare routines, we anticipate anti-blue light products to do the same.

Some ingredients that help prevent the damage of blue light are turmeric, licochalcone, and algae.

Whether it’s a full routine, a toner, or a “blue light block” cream, expect to see more and more products popping up to fight this modern-day villain.

8. Plant-Based Skincare:

Remember when plant-based products were a rarity?

Well, to be honest, they still are today but brands are getting much sneakier with their marketing.

Since the original revival in natural or plant-based skincare, it has only grown and gained more followers because it’s simple, clean, and effective.

That’s what we’re all about!

Just like plant-based diets are on the rise, you’ll likely see the same in the skincare aisle.

Sophisticated natural products are hitting the shelves, with luxurious ingredients, floral scents, and fruit extracts abounding.

Pinterest’s report says aloe is especially “hot” right now.

We say keep it coming!

9. Sustainable skincare:

Many people are zooming out and noticing the effect that their everyday purchases have on the planet and skincare is no exception.

Sustainability is a growing priority for many consumers and people are asking more and more questions of the brands they buy from like “Where and how were the ingredients harvested?” “What is the packaging made of and can it be recycled or refilled?” “What happens when this product is mixed in with our waterways?”

In short, sustainability is not and cannot go away, not in 2021 or the years to come!

10. I can do it myself:

The pandemic has made hair colorists, makeup artists, and masseuses of us all!

Due to necessity, boredom, or a bit of both, we’ve all developed a “bring it on mentality” and are taking our self-care and hair care into our own hands!

We’re even getting more daring by taking on skincare treatments like peels, light exposures, and hair removal from the comfort of our homes.

Once you get good at it, you don’t want to pay someone else to do it for you at a fancy salon or spa.

For that reason, DIY or at-home products and skincare treatments and devices are expected to grow into the new year.

In summary, 2021 will be all about going lean, mean, and green!

People are wanting simplicity in their skincare products and routines as a whole and they want finished looks that reflect that.

Perhaps it’s all the blue light making our skin look dull, but 2021 will be the official year of the glow up!

We’re wanting dewy, fresh, glowing skin now more than ever and we’re all waking up to the fact that we don’t need harsh chemicals or foreign ingredients to do so.

Natural plant-derived skincare products are here to stay.

Sustainable reusable packaging and zero waste initiatives are creeping into the skincare world too, which could bring more thoughtful designs and beautiful packaging to our medicine cabinets.

Want to stay ahead of the curve for the coming year?

At Skincare By Alana, we believe in using organic, natural ingredients in all our products.

Plant-based is in our nature, and you can find a variety of products to suit any skincare concern.

Here are some of our favorite products that hit the nail on the head for 2021’s top up and coming beauty trends!

Skincare Products to Take Into the New Year

For the Glow Up:

Everything you need to get skin glowing and healthy!

Alana Mitchell Foaming Pumpkin Cleanser: A fan-favorite formula that removes impurities and balances your skin’s pH for a healthy glow. It’s 100% organic and includes one of the hottest ingredients of 2021 – aloe vera.

Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Brightening Eye Crème: A brightening crème that uses plant extract to deliver intense hydration to the skin and illuminate the area around the eyes, a common “problem area” on the Zoom camera.

Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Gel: A gentle yet powerful gel that inhibits melanin production, exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens the skin.

Balancing the Microbiome:

Products to help ward away bad bacteria while feeding the good bacteria to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy and reduce inflammation.

Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser: An organic cleanser that penetrates the skin and delivers healthy probiotics to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Plus, it’s packaged with 100% post-consumer recycled materials! Win win.

Ilike Probiotic Day & Night Treatment with Elderflower and Blackberry: A versatile day and night treatment that increases the turgor of the skin and provides deep hydration and radiance by replenishing the skin’s microbiome.

Tela Organics Probiotic Hair Mask: We’ve got your hair covered too! This organic hair mask contains 35 certified organics + super-fruits to deeply hydrate, repair, detoxify, exfoliate and revitalize hair and scalp for improved elasticity, radiance, and luxurious shine.

Blue Light Be Gone:

If your screen time is increasing and your skincare time is decreasing, we’ve got simple and powerful products to help your skin restore its natural glow.

Derma E Blue Light Shield Digital Protection Spray: Just spritz and go for all your blue light woes! Blue-Green Algae Extract boosts skin’s natural moisture levels and resiliency while Activated Charcoal uplifts and purifies dull tired skin and Ginseng Root revitalizes for a fresh and brightened complexion.

HydroPeptide Somnifera Root Mist Indoor Light Pollution Shield: This lightweight facial mist protects against harmful blue light and pollution and free radicals. Apply it over or under your makeup!

Professional Esthetician from Home:

Effective tools to bring your trip to the spa or dermatologist to your living room.

Iluminage Touch At Home Permanent Hair Reduction System: Goodbye and good riddance hair waxing! Iluminage Touch is the only at-home hair removal device to use patented elōs technology that is clinically proven to be safe and effective for all skin tones for permanent results.

Alana Mitchell Micro Dissolvable Roller: This simple to use yet deeply penetrating device uses microneedles to give your skin a healthy, radiant glow. Not only does the roller itself provide amazing benefits, but it also amplifies the effects of your other products!

TRIA Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser: The TRIA Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser uses microscopic laser signals to permeate into your skin and treat wrinkles and fine lines around the eye region to deliver more youthful-looking eyes.

Do you have any skincare goals for 2021?

We’d love to hear them!

Feel free to reach out to the Skincare by Alana team for help choosing your perfect product lineup to make 2021 your freshest year yet!

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